The possibilities to become visible on the web are large and wide today. There are many good channels these days to reach many good people in good spirits. The segmentation of target groups has become more and more refined in recent years with exponentially increasing demands for content in the right places at the right time.

Our focus in the field of digital marketing is on search engine marketing and advertising for Google, YouTube and Microsoft (formerly BING).


Your company wants to gain a foothold in the online marketing world, but doesn’t know how? Then just let us advise you and we look forward to showing you the way. Or are there already existing online marketing activities, such as advertisements in Google or Facebook? Then we can feel the whole thing further and analyze existing accounts to show you what you did well.

Search engine advertising

SEA, SEO, SMM – say what?! We don’t want finding your content to become an elite search for a needle in a notorious haystack.

We therefore provide input and hands-on help on strategy, search engine ads, their analysis and optimization.

display ads

Display ads blend into the content of websites and search engines in an attractive and conspicuous manner. The Google Display Network offers a variety of ways to show your brand or organization from its most attractive side with various interactive ad formats.

YouTube Ads

Display, Overlay, Midroll, TrueView Instream Ads, Bumper Ads and Discovery Ads. On this platform alone there is a variety of advertising formats that fit perfectly with the activities on Google. We turn it into a uniform shoe that complements each other perfectly and in all respects.


No time? No problem. If necessary, we also take on campaign setup and management, as well as regular optimization and the creation of reports.

Training & seminars

From basics to advanced training, we offer various training and further education opportunities in the areas of Google, YouTube and social media for companies and private individuals. Whether company-specific in the form of workshops or seminars through to 1:1 training. The content of the knowledge transfer is individually adapted to your needs.

Get advice now

Fancy professional search engine advertising and Google ads? We also have a certificate.

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